Goedemorgen 1.0.2 released

Goedemorgen version 1.0.2 was released to resolve a couple of small UI and performance issues, and also to introduce a new template specially developed for page builder plugins.

This version of the theme comes with a better rendering of the custom CSS which is added to a site through the theme options. We were able to optimize the code to provide a better performance. If you are using default theme settings then you’ll not notice the change.

We’ve also updated the user interface of the typography options to make it more cleaner and consistent. The reset button link of the font family option was replaced with a button which is now located next to the option title.

After upgrading your Goedemorgen theme to version 1.0.2, you will find a new template which is called Builder Page. It is a blank template for you to use with your favorite page builder plugin. Builder Page template is similar to the Full Width template, except it does not have any margins and paddings in the content area so you can create your own layout.

The complete changelog for 1.0.2 can be viewed here.