Goedemorgen 1.0.1 released

We’re happy to announce the next update to the Goedemorgen theme. This update has been mainly focused on the theme typography. We’ve also fixed some minor issues and improved the performance of the theme.

Typography improvements

In Goedemorgen 1.0.1, all site owners will be able to choose a font size for the main body of the site. By default, the theme comes with a base font size set to 18px. Now, it is possible to change this size in the Customizer without adding any custom CSS. The font size of the body ranges between 12px and 26px.

It is important to us that sites that are using the Goedemorgen theme are fast and reliable so that’s why we always pay attention to the theme’s performance. Of course the speed of your site is not only depended on the theme you are using. There are many other critical factors such as hosting, server configurations, image optimization, etc.

Performance improvements

While developing an option for changing the base font size, we did not want to load the theme with multiple typography checks and generate bunch of custom CSS. Instead, we’ve come up with a solution that uses only one line of the custom CSS to change the base font size of your site.

By one line of the custom CSS, I mean that it will change not only the font size of the body but also the font size of the headings and other theme’s elements on your site. Basically, we’ve grouped all font sizes of the theme to make them relative to the main font size of the body in order to avoid unbalanced typography.

New demo site

We’ve created a new demo site to demonstrate these changes. Also, there is a documentation page on how to enable the features that are shown in this demo site.

The complete changelog for 1.0.1 can be viewed here.