Finding page and post IDs in your WordPress site

Sometimes you might need to perform an action for a specific page or post. In this case, you’ll need to know the ID of that page or post. In WordPress, each Post and Page automatically gets an unique ID.

Method #1: Using Plugin

The most easiest and fastest method to find an ID is to install the Reveal IDs plugin. It makes finding IDs much easier because the Post and Page IDs are shown in the table list in your Dashboard.

Method #2: Manually

Another method to find IDs is to check the URL of your Page or Post in Dashboard. So, in your Dashboard, go to the Pages menu, and click on the page whose ID you’re looking for.

Dashboard → Pages → All Pages.

Now in the Edit screen, check the URL of your page in a browser’s address bar. You’ll find the section that looks like this: ?post=NUMBER. The Page ID is the number in the URL.