1.2.0, Dec 5, 2018

* Add: better support for the Block editor;
* Fix: Go to Top button issue;

1.1, Oct 21, 2018

* Add: helper class to the mobile menu container;
* Update: JS functionality of the function that creates responsive tables;
* Update: JS functionality of the header search button;
* Update: JS functionality of the mobile menu;
* Update: JS functionality of the Go to Top button;

1.0.8, Aug 30, 2018

* Add: toggle button to mobile sub-menu items;
* Update: mobile menu;

1.0.7, May 17, 2018

* Update: move functionality of the skip-link-focus-fix.js file to the theme JS file;
* Update: reduce number of http requests;
* Update: group all actions of the theme into one file;
* Update: group all filters of the theme into one file;

1.0.6, Apr 30, 2018

* Add: default (system) fonts support;
* Add: create a separate file for typography related functions;
* Update: reorganize the theme JS file;
* Fix: optimize the theme JS file and improve performance by avoiding to call the ready event multiple times;
* Fix: date format issue when populating datetime attributes;
* Fix: Contact Form 7 input fields issue;

1.0.5, Apr 4, 2018

* Add: better support for SiteOrigin Page Builder plugin;
* Update: comments in some functions;
* Update: optimize functionality of the theme settings;
* Update: check if there are any additional sections in the theme settings before performing actions;
* Update: optimize the edit link in single-page views;
* Fix: add the edit link to the Builder Page template;
* Fix: layout breaks in Safari when a sidebar is active;

1.0.4, Mar 14, 2018

* Add: better support for Contact Form 7 plugin;
* Update: change Go To Top button background color on hover;
* Update: group all assets into one folder (css, js, fonts);
* Update: group all compatibility files into one folder;
* Update: select and input styles;
* Fix: content container height in single views;

1.0.3, Feb 16, 2018

* Fix: minor display issues that appear in IE 11;
* Fix: minor sub-menu styling issue;
* Fix: content area height issue;

1.0.2, Nov 5, 2017

* Add: Builder Page template without any margins and paddings in the content area;
* Update: optimize the theme custom CSS output;
* Update: font family control by simplifying its UI;
* Update: credits link in the footer section;
* Update: link to the demo showcase page;
* Fix: some minor styling and formatting issues;
* Remove: unnecessary changelog file;

1.0.1, Oct 23, 2017

* Add: option to change the font size of the body of the website;
* Update: site typography styles;
* Update: optimize theme JavaScript file;
* Update: use strict comparison for empty strings;
* Update: remove unnecessary arguments from the social menu;
* Update: theme settings functionality;
* Fix: thumbnail issue in archive views;
* Fix: minor styling issues;

1.0.0, Sep 20, 2017

* Add: option to choose a size of a featured image;
* Add: function to check if page content available on the Panels template;
* Update: search content template;
* Update: refactoring a function that registers widget areas;
* Update: formatting of the Panels template;
* Update: some theme styles;
* Fix: Panels template styling issue;

0.9.9, Sep 9, 2017

* Add: option to display the Back to Top button;
* Update: optimize directory URLs;
* Update: comments navigation;
* Fix: typo in the function check;
* Fix: Disqus styling issue;
* Fix: button styling issues;
* Remove: superfluous check from the comment template;

0.9.8, Aug 28, 2017

* Add: separate section for the Archive View Options;
* Add: allow to edit the page which is set to the Posts Page;
* Add: option to display a featured page (Jumbotron section) in blog view;
* Add: option for the page header visibility on the Posts Page;
* Update: theme screenshot;
* Update: overlay opacity;
* Update: Jumbotron functionality;
* Update: link to the theme’s support forum;

0.9.7, Jul 28, 2017

* Add: TGM plugin credits;
* Add: body class for mobile views;
* Add: optional date link to the single post page;
* Update: comments text;
* Fix: styling issues;
* Fix: 404 text typo;
* Remove: theme support for the search form;

0.9.6, Jul 17, 2017

* Add: information about the child theme to the dashboard page;
* Fix: Jumbotron font size issue in mobile views;
* Fix: styling issues (captions and alignment);
* Remove: unused code;

0.9.5, Jul 14, 2017

* Add: filters to the default theme options;
* Update: theme dashboard style handle;

0.9.4, Jul 5, 2017

* Update: dashboard page of the theme;
* Update: dashboard page styling;
* Update: Goedemorgen_Welcome_Screen class;
* Update: readme.txt file;
* Update: inline comments;
* Fix: blockquote styling issues;
* Fix: typography label issue;
* Remove: invalid rel=”designer” attribute;

0.9.3, Jun 30, 2017

* Add: organize extra css into a separate file;
* Add: allow to get default settings for the specific section;
* Update: screenshot;
* Update: replace typography functions with a general function;
* Update: a license information;
* Update: display author section only if bio is added;
* Fix: the issue that prevents adding new extra css;
* Fix: some styling issues related to image captions;
* Remove: Jetpack’s author section. Use Goedemorgen author section functionality;

0.9.2, Jun 25, 2017

* Add: a filter to display extra CSS;
* Add: define a constant for directory URI;
* Update: description in the inline comment;
* Update: share buttons styles;
* Fix: the issue with extra css functionality;
* Fix: Full-Width template styling;
* Remove: a custom css that is generated by Recent Comments widget;

0.9.1, Jun 23, 2017

* Update: file;

0.9.0, Jun 22, 2017

* Initial release of the theme;